The Office for Culture, Sports and University Extension has implemented a procedure for submitting exhibition projects, for MUA and AIFOS seeking to facilitate direct communication with citizens and thus increase transparency.

Who can submit an exhibition project?

Any natural or legal person or group, from Spain or abroad.

How are projects submitted?

This is a rolling call, i.e. projects can be submitted anytime.

All those interested, whether individuals or groups, can submit their proposal in a single PDF file (not exceeding 10 MB) to The file must contain:

  • Project title
  • Documents relating to the submitted project (report explaining the project, sketches, photographs, technical requirements, etc.)
  • Previous works or projects
  • Itemised budget (value of the materials to be exhibited; requirements for the exhibition; transport; production of works; etc.)
  • CV, with the personal details of the artist or group

Selection of projects and selection panel

Projects will be selected by a panel made up of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and Extracurricular Activities and MUA technical staff.

The panel will assess the submitted projects every six months (in January and June each year).

The selected projects will be included in the Museum’s and Aifos exhibition schedule, subject to the availability of dates and funds.

In February and July each year, those individuals or groups having submitted projects will be informed of the panel’s decision.

If a project is not selected, it can be submitted again for subsequent calls.

Submitting a project does not necessarily mean it will be selected.

Selection criteria

Submissions will be assessed by the panel against the following criteria:

  • Artistic value
  • Culture value
  • Viability, considering the available funds
  • Originality
  • Exclusivity (the project should not have been recently exhibited in Alicante or nearby cities/towns)
  • Innovation and research
  • Programme of related activities (lectures, workshops, panel discussions, educational actions, etc.)

Rights and obligations of the parties

The University of Alicante and the selected artists will sign an agreement setting out the clauses concerning the exhibition project.

If any changes are made to a selected project, it may be rejected by MUA.