As a university museum, MUA has clearly defined its educational role through the recovery and protection of our closest artistic heritage, but also by encouraging visitors to enjoy our recent artistic creations. The museum develops educational activities to raise reflections and allow visitors to access the latest language of art and and learn firsthand the techniques and own creative processes of contemporary art.

Encouraging participation, creativity and respect for any art manifestation is the great challenge of the Education Area when it comes to design activities to grab the audience closer to contemporary art. MUA is conceived as a dynamic and creative environment, where users can learn to relate to art objects from the learning for fun approach. This task is accomplished through guided tours aimed at all audiences with educational workshops focused on students from childhood, primary, secondary, upper-secondary and special education.

Dynamic visits

The purpose of the guided tours of the MUA is to foster the cognitive and emotional approach to art objects and make the understanding of the creative processes of art of all times easier. Our highest aspiration is to make the different artistic languages accessible to visitor​s​, helping them to conceive the museum as a centre for learning, enjoyment and experimentation. The visitors approach to contemporary -most of which MUA programme is based on- allows us to understand creation as a reflection of vital, social and cultural experiences, common to everyone.

Thus, exhibits become an exceptional way to teach students to enjoy art, awakening their sensorial skills and providing them with the required tools of expression through art. It is in the understanding of the key of the artistic process that respect and appreciation to any kind of artistic expression emerge.

The educational actions carried out by MUA have been designed with a methodology based on dialogue and an open look to interpretation. Children, youth and adults can experience the various points of view from which to approach the art exhibits and learn, directly, the multiplicity of today’s formal and conceptual art.

Educational workshops

MUA’s educational workshops, designed around our own collections or temporary exhibitions, provide an approach to contemporary art from direct experimentation with techniques such as drawing, collage, modelling, spatial intervention or recycling.

Workshops will begin with a visit to an exhibition or projecting a PowerPoint presentation, which serves as theoretical support of the topic concerned. All this is done in an environment that encourages participation and reflective dialogue between educators and participants, whose starring role motivates and involves them, both in this phase for understanding and reflection, and in the following, of creation and experimentation.

The workshop activity itself offers participation in both individual and collective creation processes, which delve into the art expressive and communicative abilities. Therefore, rather than the work produced, it is the process of creation and the emotional growth involved what is valued. This is another reason that leads us to consider experimenting with techniques and materials as a means to serve an idea and not as the ultimate end of work.

More information on educational workshops

Teaching workshops

Dynamic tours/workshops:
- Duration: between 60 and 90 minutes
- Flexible timetables
- Aimed at: school children and groups
- Prior booking is required
- Free

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You can request a maximum of 2 dates for workshops per educational center.