// 26.05.2023 - 16.07.2023 / Sala CUB

EAC 2023. Contemporary Art Encounters contest

Roberto Aguirrezabala. Ana Beltrán Porcar. Carla Cañellas. María Carbonell. Alejandro Cerón. Pilar del Puerto. Ana Dévora. Olga Diego. Pau Figueres Ortiz. Leticia Gaspar García. Antonio Guerra. Miriam Isasi. Elena Jiménez. Damià Jordà. Gala Knörr. Silvia Lerín. Elisa Lozano Chiarlones y Rocío Villalonga. Victoria Maldonado. Pascual+Vincent (Pascual Martínez y Vincent Sáez). Pablo Sandoval. Pilar Soberón. Jesús Tarruella. Josep Tornero

One more year, thanks to the close and fruitful collaboration between the University of Alicante and the Alicante Provincial Council, the UA Museum is pleased to host the exhibition for the 23rd Contemporary Art Encounters, organised by the Juan Gil-Albert Culture Institute.

More than 130 submissions were entered for competition by national and international artists. The 23 selected works are highly diverse in terms of disciplines and concepts explored. Sculptural, photographic and audiovisual installations, videographic pieces, textile art, drawing, ceramics, artificial intelligence – all of these art forms go hand in hand to provide a rich overview of contemporary art. This is a platform for plastic art research, offering new visual metaphors for these complex and troubled times, marked by tensions, uncertainties and vulnerabilities, but also offering challenges and opportunities.

Through their works, the artists participating in the exhibition investigate topical issues relating to society, life, politics or the environment: the dehumanisation caused by military conflicts, censorship and limits imposed on art, consumerism and commodification in today’s societies, early feminist struggles, abandoned industrial facilities, the consequences of Brexit, discrimination and biases of artificial intelligence, or the overexploitation of natural resources and the fragility of ecosystems.

Their insightful reflections on the world we live in should not leave anyone indifferent. Inspired by their commitment, sensibility and empathy, we are invited to explore their creative universes – to open our eyes, recall memories, experience emotions or let our imagination fly.

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