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Rubén GoMo (Radioboy+), Sonsoles Masiá, ⁣CaraCoLab, (María Ponce y Ana Salom), ⁣Ángel Arias, ⁣Lucas Selezio de Souza

Since its creation, the University of Alicante Museum (MUA) has remained committed to contemporary art. This led to the launch of its Residency Programme for Artistic Creation and Research in 2015. The aim of this public and international programme is to galvanise the artistic sector and promote creation and research in contemporary art.

Within this programme, five projects are selected and receive funding. For two weeks, the resident artists must undertake their project within the MUA facilities, allowing them to work at this institution, become familiar with its dynamics and receive support from technical staff while giving shape to their projects.

We are pleased to present the exhibition of the projects carried out during the residency period, which ran from 11 to 22 September 2023. The resident artists were Ángel Arias, Rubén GoMo (Radioboy+), Sonsoles Masiá, Lucas Selezio de Souza and CaraCoLab (María Ponce and Ana Salom)

Al final del trazo, by Ángel Arias, weaves a visual and spatial narrative based on “other graphic forms” that challenge the institutional paradigm of artistic discourse. The project draws on a variety of relationships with the surrounding environment, mostly petroglyphs, mediaeval inscriptions or elements of urban art.

In Struktureho, Rubén GoMo (Radioboy+) explores their identity through art, combining materials used in the plastic arts, political and social studies on dissidence, references to contemporary culture and advanced technology, aspects of life and everyday tools.

Sonsoles Masiá’s El camino de las diosas looks at the “return to the land” and femininity through an analysis of several shrines in the Mediterranean area. There, the artist conducts a pictorial ritual at a time determined by the movement of the sun.

In Plus Ultra, Lucas Selezio de Souza has created six textile pieces to reflect on the textile industry, a globalising capitalist system, precarious work, an underpaid workforce (especially women and children), migratory movements and colonial exploitation nowadays.

Los viajes que nunca hicimos, by CaraCoLab (María Ponce and Ana Salom), explores the situationist process taking place in contemporary cities. Seeking to understand Alicante and Berlin – the cities where each of them lives – from a more sensory perspective, the artists have kept a record of sounds, smells or rhythms, as well as the sensations these made them feel.

The exhibition you can now visit in the Sempere Hall showcases the projects undertaken within the residency programme, during which the six artists interacted with one another, sharing their creative experiences and processes and turning the UA Museum into a centre for creation and research in contemporary art.

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